Alter Ego


The power to re-create their identity in a virtual world draws two lonely hearts to an online dating service. On their parallel journeys, they discover the consequences of blurring the fine line between the worlds they have created for themselves and the ones they are trying to hide from. Identities are confused, reality is distorted and the power of suggestion turns rational senses inside out until they themselves no longer know who they are.

In their first artistic collaboration, Kamala Devam (Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company) & Seeta Patel (Mavin Khoo Dance) bring together the inherent human qualities found in the South Asian dance form Bharata Natyam, the Argentine tango and contemporary dance to create a world which reflects the human condition in all its vulnerability and the fragility of what we create as truth.

With thanks to Chris Bannerman at Rescen (Middlesex University), Akademi South Asian Dance, Lenton & Wortley Hall Trust (Nottingham University), deciBel07, Tim Tubbs UKFD, Dylan Elmore, Peter Schiazza, Marcella Cappellati, Phil Maxwell & Hazuan Hashim, Gerrard Martin, Rashpal Singh Bansal, Wendy Nieper and Benjamin Edwards.

Alter Ego photo credit Peter Schiazza
Alter Ego (2007)
14 minutes
Choreographers & dancers:
Seeta Patel
Kamala Devam
Alistair Murray
Lighting design:
Warren Letton
Supported by