Unspoken Voices


Unspoken Voices is a full-length, ensemble work that highlights the relationship between the three central characters (Sita, Rama and Ravana) from the Indian epic the Ramayana. The work explores the shifting relationships and internal struggles of each character in a tender, violent and passionate journey that has no beginning, middle or end.

Created as during her time as Associate Artist at Arnolfini, the work was major shift in Patel's practice bringing together a collaborative team of artists and directing such a complex work.

Bristol City Council's Debbie Thomas was quoted to say the following about the piece:

"This was an inspiring work with high quality dancing and demonstrated how Seeta can bring together and deliver her vision with a collaborative team. There were some beautiful expressive moments where choreography, lighting, set and music worked poignantly together so the visual images have remained with me long after seeing the work. I only wish I could see it again!"

Unspoken Voices
Seeta Patel
Chris Faulds
Lighting & visuals:
Alberto Santos Bellido
Sound design:
Guy Veale